17 thoughts on “The Hook Debuts on the 7th”

  1. In gentleman’s parlance, a ‘Gentleman’s C’ was also referred to as a Hook. Hence Charlottesville, or C’ville, became ‘Hookville’ or just ‘The Hook’ (from The Declaration, August 1983).

  2. OK, call me ignorant, but what the heck is a “gentleman’s C”? Is it obscene, musical, or what?!

  3. It’s what’s now called a “B”. It keeps overzealous parents from ringing up professors and deans to protest their (adult) child’s otherwise unrecognized brilliance.

  4. You know, Jamie Dyer refers to C-Ville as “hookville” in his song “Downtown Trash.” I never knew what the heck he was talking about.

  5. Well, the whole thing sounds like quite a stretch.

    Maybe the new paper can be geared to ageing UVA alumni from the 1940s?

  6. What a wet blanket!

    I’m a ’91 graduate, am familiar with the “The Hook” nickname, and look forward to reading the new newspaper (when and if it arrives).

    What strikes you as “a stretch”?

  7. From everything posted here, it sounds like the “Hook” nickname is not well known if you didn’t attend, work for, or teach at UVa. And although the University is a pervasive influence in Charlottesville, it is hardly (contrary to most students’ beliefs) representative of the entire town. I doubt I’m the only non-alum townie who’s never heard it.

  8. The only point to the explanation is that “the Hook” is an OLD name not a new one. If the Hook doesn’t deliver the goods it’s all,”sound and fury signifying nothing”. Most people won’t care what it’s called they will only care what’s in it.

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