No Money for Western Bypass

Representatives from the city and the county say that the state has no money to build the 29 Bypass. The plans to build it have gone back and forth for several years now, but it’s looked inevitable for some time. Without money, of course, it’s impossible. WINA has the story.

5 thoughts on “No Money for Western Bypass”

  1. Be mindful that VDOT is rentless. The actual contruction is scheduled for 2010. VDOT will still be here, will you?

  2. No the 29 Bypass is still alive. It has just been re-named Meadowcreek Parkway. Look at a map. After paving the park, the 250 Bypass becomes irretrievably clogged at the intersection by the skate park. So they cut a four lane highway straight through the city along Fifth Street Extended to meet with Interstate 64, and beyond that a connector south to Route 29. Nobody seems to be focusing on the fact that the Meadowcreek Parkway will saw our city in half.

  3. Too bad, I wish there was a bypass. Of course, NIMBYism in the shape of Charlotte Humphries and her newly anointed minion Dennis Rooker and the others on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors will make sure that if they have any control, it will never be built. Meanwhile, more stores and subdivisions will be built and everyone will be stuck on Route 29.

    I agree with the other writer in that Meadowcreek Parkway will be made bigger and create a split in the city. But, you know, we city folks have no real right to say anything — UVa and Albemarle County have the ultimate control over the roads.

    I really doubt that the bypass will ever be built; too many forces against (and yet, people complain about traffic)….

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