Fashion Square to be Overhauled

Fashion Square is about to get a major overhaul, thanks to its parent company, the Simon Property Group. In a press release, the company has announced that they’ll be spending millions to replace the roof (complete with three rotunda-influenced domes), the floors, install new celings, lighting, skylights, furniture, planters, and add more seating. They’ll also add family bathrooms and a children’s play area. The project will start in Feburary. WVIR had the story on this evening’s broadcast.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Square to be Overhauled”

  1. Hmm… And I bet they’ll replace that big turquoise sign out on 29. I’ll be so bummed when I can no longer refer to the place as “the umbrella mall.”

  2. I know! An icon so representative of early ’80s design deserves to be preserved. Where’s the BAR when you need ’em? :-)

  3. It’s the ARB in the county. On their list of examples of buildings that they want architects to be inspired by when designing new or remodeling old buildings are Monticello and the Rotunda AND Barracks Road Shopping Center.

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