Museum Co. Files Chapter 11

writes: The Museum Co., a retailer of museum replicas and art reproductions with 102 stores in 30 states and Canada, filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday after sagging sales left the company saddled with debt. The Herald reported earlier this week that the filing was expected. The Museum Co. is the parent company of local C’ville company

The good news is that this should be the last of the local tech bankruptcies. You know, since there aren’t any other companies left.

3 thoughts on “Museum Co. Files Chapter 11”

  1. Yeah, if you call a bridge loan “going strong”. They’ve laid people off, too, but quietly.

  2. Don’t forget: Almost everyone else has gone out of business and many of the extremely few remaining companies aren’t able to pay their workers. Given the context of the local tech sector, Tovaris really is doing quite well.

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