Meadow Creek is Green!

cecil writes: I live overlooking the Meadow Creek as it runs through Greenbrier Park, and this morning I looked down to find that the creek is green. Violently, nauseously green. This seems wrong. Does anyone have any idea why it might be green, if it is green all over the city, and whom in the city administration one might contact about this greenness?

Yuck. 01/12/02 Update: Today’s Progress reports that it was just a dye, used to trace the path of some water.

6 thoughts on “Meadow Creek is Green!”

  1. Phosphorus and other chemicals that run off of our lawns, farms, and streets end up in the streams and provide food for algae. More food than they need. And you end up with too much algae. This imbalance destroys the ecosystem, since it chokes out everything else.

    Who knows what happened to that creek, I havent seen it. Maybe it’s lime jello.

  2. The pond next to my house has turned various shades of green over the years due to a variety of pond-scum problems. January is one time of year when we are scum-free. It’s too cold for this stuff to proliferate.

    And anyway, it starts slow and builds up – it doesn’t appear overnight, and you just don’t get stuff like this in moving water.

    Could it be a chemical spill or dump? When people have the old antifreeze (which is green) flushed out of their car radiators, what does the garage do with it?

    Janis Jaquith

  3. It was a harmless dye put into a pipe to determine where the pipe discharged. The rest of the story is in today’s Daily Progress.

    Kevin Cox

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