Our Friend Jim Hanchett

Janis Jaquith, regular essayist for the Daily Progress and NPR’s Marketplace (and my mother), has contributed a brief essay on Channel 29 and their habit of personally thanking their “Washington correspondent.” Writes Janis, “Oh, right. Like Jim Hanchett will be at the WVIR Christmas party. I don’t think so.” Read on for her essay.

It’s so embarrassing to watch Channel 29 news these days. Whenever it’s time for the Washington report from Jim Hanchett (obviously some kind of franchise deal – Jim Hanchett is “our man in Washington” for tons of NBC affiliates) you know that the Charlottesville anchor is going to pretend to be in direct contact with ol’ Jim, and say, “Thanks, Jim.”

Oh, right. Like Jim Hanchett will be at the WVIR Christmas party. I don’t think so.

How stupid does WVIR think we are? This kind of thing has been going on for years with a variety of “McReporters”. The reason I can remember Jim Hanchett’s name is that he’s been doing this for several months now.

Whenever I’m watching the Channel 29 news and see Jim Hanchett come on the screen, I start muttering, “Don’t do it Stacey – don’t thank him! It makes you look ridiculous!”

And then I cringe as Jim Hanchett says, “Back to you” and I squeeze my eyes shut as Stacey Horst says, “Thanks, Jim.”

I don’t object to WVIR using other news sources – it’s pretending that the reporter is part of the local news staff that I find insulting.

It makes the whole operation look so rinky-dink…and deceptive. And who wants their news to come from a deceptive source? Think about it.

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