Election Results Mixed

Democrat Mark Warner has won the governor’s race, Republican Jerry Kilgore has won the race for attorney general, Republican Rob Bell got the 58th district seat in the House, and Democrat Timothy Kaine was elected to lieutenant governor. Bell and Kilgore’s victories were particularly spectacular, each getting 60% of the vote. WVIR has detailed results.

3 thoughts on “Election Results Mixed”

  1. The only race that was a big suprise was the 58th delegate race. People were predicting a close race and it was huge blowout. What happened to Martin? Is he politicaly finished because of the tax increase or did Bell just out work him? Thoughts

  2. I hope he isn’t finished.

    I have a sinking suspicion that Mr. Bell and his campaign may have had some integrity and fairness “issues.” My exposure to the campaign was a call-in show on WVTF. Both candidates were present, and it sure seemed like just about every call was a question for Mr. Martin – a very, very specific question about a very specific matter on his public record. It sure sounded to me like the callers were reading instead of simply askign their questions. Martin would answer the question (extremely well, I thought), and Bell would be given a chance to comment, and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he had expected the specific question to be asked, as he had a quick retort ready, and the flavor was very similar to Reagan’s infamous “There you go again” attitude. It didn’t pass the smell test.

    Also, it’s worth noting that the Republican party got to remake the districts this time, and as was their right they certainly stacked them to make it more difficult for Democrats to win.

  3. in a close race you might have a point. But this was not even close and remember Warner won the same area. And if Martin wasn’t ready for a call in show might that be evidence of lack of preparation. And lastly who in the world really listened to that debate?

    Face facts – Martin got killed and no one is dealing with the truth.

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