Council Approves Living Wage

In a long-awaited vote, City Council has approved the much-debated living wage. The $8/hour minimum wage applies only to businesses contracting with the City. Tim Hulbert of the Chamber of Commerce continues his opposition, even suggesting in an interview with WVIR this evening that it may not be within the City’s power to enact this new law. Also, Council voted in a small raise for themselves, though it doesn’t take effect until the next term.

2 thoughts on “Council Approves Living Wage”

  1. I’ve seen movements towards this in every city I’ve lived in, but Charlottesville is the first where it has actually been approved. Kudos to the council!

  2. Originally, I was strongly opposed to any sort of living wage ordinance, as it’s not really compatible with my own free market beliefs (but that’s another matter). However, in this particular case, since the Charlottesville Albemarle Chamber of Commerce is so strenuously opposed to it, my instincts tell me it must be a pretty good idea!

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