Comdial lays off 200 more

Anonymous writes: Bad news folks…’Comdial Corp., once one of Albemarle County’s largest employers, announced Friday it is contracting out its remaining local work and laying off a total of 200 people.’

The story is in today’s Progress. Bummer.

3 Responses to “Comdial lays off 200 more”

  • Does anyone know what Charlottesville’s current unemployment rate is? I know it has always compared favorably to the national average, but with all the news we’ve been hearing lately, that may not be true anymore.

    How often is that figure calculated? Where do you find that information?

  • If memory serves me correctly, 3WV stated that the unemployment rate was 1.9% for october, down only .1% from 2.0% for sept, which is still below the state average of 3%. Anyone is welcome to jump in here and correct my figures, of course. Memory is a slippery thing.

  • The local branch of the Virginia Employment Commission calculates the C’ville and Albemarle unemployment stats on a monthly basis. If you visit , you can download the latest statistical reports.

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