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Convict on the Loose reader Diane tells us something interesting: “I just got a taped call from the cville police saying an armed prisoner is

loose in ‘my’ area. It seemed to be real but I’m not finding any breaking news on any websites.”
If anybody knows anything more, please post about it. 1:24pm Update: WINA reports that he escaped from Nelson sheriff’s deputies this morning, is 5’10”, with dark blonde hair, blue eyes, tatoos on his neck and arms, and is known to be dangerous, having taken hostages before.

Judge Sides With Greene Sheriff

Greene County Sheriff Willie Morris, who declared in October that he’s no longer willing to write tickets to motorists lacking a county sticker, has won his day in court. The Greene County Board of Supervisors took him to court to try and force him to write the tickets, but a judge has ruled that Sheriff Morris is right: he does not have an obligation to serve as a tax collector for the county. WINA has a brief story.

DFC Starts Up Again

Last night, Charlottesville’s Democrats for Change held their first meeting in almost two years, hoping to redefine who they are, what their agenda is, and establish new goals. About 50 people attended, including a lot of new faces. George Loper, of course, has the skinny on his website.

4 Former UVa Students Fined for Assault

Four former UVa students have been fined $500,000 in total for their 1997 attack on fellow student Alexander Kory. Richard W. Smith (son of FedEx Chairman Fredrick Smith) was ordered to pay $200,000 in punitive damanges, and Harrison Tigrett (brother of the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe), Bradley Kintz and Wesley McCluney were each ordered to pay $60,000 in punitive damanges. The four men attacked and beat the victim four years ago this week, laughing as they kicked and hit him, breaking his jaw in the process. The attack and the subsequent legal wrangling was a major issue among UVa students that year; it was widely believed that the school was going easy on the attackers due to their family’s wealth. Adrienne Schwisow has the full story in today’s Progress.

Nelson Man Indicted for Fraud

Nelson resident James Holden has been indicted by a grand jury for fraud. Last year, his eight year old daughter was lost in the woods for several days before searchers found her body. He held a raffle to raise money in memory of his daughter, cancelled the raffle, and kept the money. WINA has the story. 11/28/01, 3:20pm Update: Turns out that he was the girl’s grandfather, not father. The Progress has a detailed story today.



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