Another $20M For New Arena

Three months after it was announced that an anonymous donor had given $20M towards a replacement for University Hall, UVa has gotten another $20M. This time it’s from Paul Tudor Jones II, Connecticut philanthropist and Virginia alumnus. This is the same guy that gave $10M to expand Clark Hall and, previously, endowed a research professorship. This latest gift brings UVa $40M into the needed $125M that it will take to construct the new basketball arena.

7 thoughts on “Another $20M For New Arena”

  1. I wonder what other things could have been done with $20 million? Like basic medical care for kids, helping people get GEDs or job training…

  2. Have you done any research to see if people who want job training can’t get it? You’d be surprised.

    An arena is part of the long-term health of the university. A school with good academics and athletics creates a wide variety of humans, who may go out into the world wanting to do things like what you suggest.

    Of course, this raises the question, does a school need a basketball team? My theory is that collegiate athletics serve to tie the alumni back into the university, thus keeping some money coming back in.

  3. to all socialist-NEWS FLASH-the over $40 million dollars was given by individuals who had earn this money. They payed taxes on it and they decided what they wanted to do with it. If you want more money for your favorite charity or program go out and earn it yourself. The constant liberal whine about how this money could be better spent is anti-capitalistic. If I earn my money legally and pay my fair share of taxes, and if I have that much money to donate my rate may be 2X yours, I should get to spend it on art, houses, stadiums, or anything else I might desire.

    As long as I follow the law and don’t do any direct harm.

    Those of you who think this is a waste of money are welcomed, neigh encouraged to go forth and make your fortune and do whatever you heart desires with the profits. Most of the people who donate this money have created jobs for thousands of people and made the world a better place. This money is going for a greater good and was not the source of government largesse but people that create the jobs and help make this a great country. Not perfect place, but better than the alternatives.

  4. For those who want job training- what in the world do you think will happen when you build a $140 million facality is built in Charlottesville? Jobs for building, jobs for running it, jobs in support, spinoff jobs. Most areas in Virginia would beg, borrow and steal to get such a economic bonazna in their backyard. This is great news

  5. I was going to reply to the original, but you captured my thoughts exactly. Not that it matters to the right of Jones to do whatever the hell he pleases with his money, but perhaps some will be pleased to know that he is a major supporter of the Robin Hood Foundation in New York, a major charity. So he more than likely contributes quite a bit of cash to more liberal-minded interests.

    By the way, a new arena should very likely improve the area’s economy and create jobs in and of itself through staffing, construction, and maintenance.

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