Free Bike Program Begins

The free bicycle program is underway. Yesterday the yellow bike racks were placed at a half-dozen locations along Main Street, from City Hall to Elliewood on the Corner. Anybody is welcome to use any of the bright yellow bicycles on those racks, and return them to any other yellow rack when finished with them. The program received $4,500 in funding from Dave Matthews Band in early September, which enabled it to get off the ground. Thanks to Kevin Cox for the tip. To see the announcement to the CHABA mailing list from Stephen Bach, read on. Update: Turns out that the program hasn’t actually begun — there may be yellow bikes and yellow bike racks scattered about, but they’re chained up for now. Oops.

From: Stephen Bach

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 10:39:54 -0400 (EDT)

To: Charlottesville Area Bicycling Alliance

Subject: chaba: Yellow bikes racks debut!

Hi Folks:

Yesterday the City, in consultation with Mr. Huja and me, installed yellow bike racks in six locations:

In front of the downtown post office in line with the other bike rack there; on Water St. just west of the skating rink; on the northeast side of the bridge on West Main, across from the bus stop; at the bus stop at 11th and West Main; in front of the Red Roof Inn near 13th St. NW; and in front of Starbucks at Eliewood and University.

Then later, Bruce Dembling and I moved four bikes to the rack near the downtown post office in preparation for a meeting with a reporter from the Richmond Times-Dispatch today at 1:00.

The racks look very nice. The bikes in the racks look nice too.


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