School Board to Prohibit Discrimination Against Gays?

The Albemarle County School Board voted last night to consider the addition of “sexual orientation” to their anti-discrimniation policy. Currently the policy names race, religion, age, etc., but no wording about sexual orientation. In Kate Andrews’ Daily Progress story today, she mentions that a similar move by Charlottesville’s School Board ended up “causing controversy” last year. The county school board will examine Charlottesville’s approach and consider enacting the change at their November 8th meeting.

One thought on “School Board to Prohibit Discrimination Against Gays?”

  1. It’s things like this that remind me that we live in a very conservative state, and Charlottesville is just the exception that proves the rule. This is so simple, so basic, so straightforward, and yet it’s so difficult to make it happen…

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