4 thoughts on “Northwest Ending CHO Service”

  1. Flying alot out of cville I have never flown Northwest. Why would I ever fly to detroit before going to new york in a flight that takes almost as long as it does to drive. Or I could take the direct flight from US Air which save 4hours. Did they really think that we would fly by way of detroit for in some cases MORE money then Delta or US Air?? Bad product + Bad airport= No sale

    capitalism is ugly, sometimes, but it does seem to work

  2. Northwest uses Detroit as a hub (albeit not their major one, which is in Minneapolis), just like US Airways uses Pittsburgh, Delta uses Atlanta, etc. I doubt they were hoping people in Charlottesville would take advantage of this service to discover Detroit. They were probably aiming a little higher.

    Of course you don’t want to fly via Northwest to New York, which is served by several direct flights daily. However, once at their Detroit hub one can easily continue on to places such as Beijing, Tokyo, Cairo, Rio, and Europe.

    There will never be many flights out of here that go anywhere but to a hub. We’re definitely a feeder airport. Too bad their service didn’t have a chance to take root in this market. It could have been pretty cool to be one connecting flight from most of the planet.

  3. >It could have been pretty cool to be one connecting flight from most of the planet.

    Um, aren’t we already in that position? If one flies directly to Dulles, for example, can’t one fly from there to “the rest of the planet?”

    I never took the NW flights out of here for the same reason as the other two posters stated–when I’m trying to get somewhere on the East Coast or even in the midwest, going to Detroit first took WAY too long. And they always seemed more expensive than US Air or the others.

    Northwest, I shall not miss thee.

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