C’ville School Board Approves ‘Net Filters

The Charlottesville School Board has endorsed the use of Internet censorware to prevent students from viewing websites considered “harmful to minors.” They’ve done so in order to comply with a law that passed in Virginia in March that requires filters to be placed on computers in schools. WINA has the story about “inter-net filters.”

2 Responses to “C’ville School Board Approves ‘Net Filters”

  • I’m telling myself “don’t kill the messenger, don’t kill the messenger,” because I’m tempted to send a nasty letter to the school board. It is not, of course, their fault that they are legally obliged to install censorware on their systems. Still, they’re a much easier target than the state assembly, so it’s tempting. :)

    If censorware actually worked, I don’t think I’d feel so violently about it. :)

  • If it is possible to control what we see and hear, it follows that it is possible to control what we think and do.

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