2nd West Nile Case

A second case of West Nile Virus in Albemarle County has been confirmed. The first case was in a crow found on Garth Road in early September. This latest case, also avian-borne, was discovered on September 28th near Farmington. 128 birds have tested positive in Virginia so far this year, and there should be very few more cases between now and the end of the year, given that mosquito season is ending. No human infections have yet been reported in Virginia. WVIR had the story on their 11pm broadcast.

5 thoughts on “2nd West Nile Case”

  1. What’s sad is that the first case of West Nile disease was very underreported on WVIR. This occurred during the WTC attacks and so the attention was more on county/city donating time, money and their feelings on this. Now to quibble a bit, why does WVIR waste time asking “average” citizens what they about this that or the other? It’s just not newsworthy and eats up air time. And, in the case of the WTC/Pentagon attacks, what are the odds of finding someone stupid enough to say something contrarian.

  2. You have to understand that WVIR is barely a news agency, their idea of journalism is taking a camera a few feet from their studio and pointing it at traffic. Chances are you know as much about the news as they do.

  3. Right on! Let’s face alot of our local news just sucks because of the lack of alternate news sources. We have one daily, one TV station, our NPR stations take our donations and give use very little coverage in Roanoke/Harrisonburg. And WINA is a shadow of it’s former glory. Thanks to cvillenews for giving us a forum to talk issues.

  4. I hope that I’m not betraying the confidence of Brad Eure (owner of WINA) by saying this — for all I know it’s public knowledge — but they’re actually expanding their local news time. Now that Nancy King’s show is (quite sadly) gone, they’re increasing their local coverage time by an hour each day, with a new call-in show hosted by Dick Mountjoy. I’m really excited about this, as I am about any venue to discuss local news in a non-controlled (ie, a call-in show) fashion. So you may not be thrilled with WINA (though I’m quite pleased with them, personally), but know that they’re improving things.

  5. WINA really does an outstanding job with the news. In fact, it’s safe to say they have the only real radio news organization in town (all of the Clear Channel stations get their news from the WINA site [occasionally reading it verbatim on the air, which is so very professional of them] and the DP, and the NPR stations do seem to ignore us).

    There’s really no other source for in-depth local news.

    I am concerned, however, as I’ve heard that Clear Channel (who owns the company that distributes Rush) is pulling Rush Limbaugh and some other programming from WINA to put it on one of their 6 stations. I’m definitely not a Rush fan, but I’m sure his show generates a ton of revenue for WINA. Or, at least it did. I dearly hope they can replace that revenue stream.

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