DMB Funds Bike Program

City Council unanimously approved the free-bike program last night after learning that Dave Matthews Band was providing the $4,500 needed to get the program started. City Director of Strategic Planning Satyendra Huja, who is working on the program, said that they made the donation because they liked similar programs that they’d seen while on tour in Europe. Though it was likely that the city would have funded the program, this private donation prevents makes that public funding unnecessary. The story is in today’s Progress.

10 thoughts on “DMB Funds Bike Program”

  1. So if I hurt myself on these bikes, do I sue the city or DMB? Will helmets be provided with the bikes? Or am I expected to wander around with one at all times?

  2. You don’t sue anyone, you asshole. You just pick your broke ass up and walk to the free clinic. Or catch the trolley.

  3. Unfortunately I think the helmet issue is a serious one. Free bikes sound great, but I always worry when I see people riding bikes without helmets – it is dangerous. Maybe there is a solution, any bright ideas out there?

  4. Actually, this is a valid question. Not regarding whom to sue, but every bike safety program I’m aware of strongly encourages wearing helmets. I would imagine the city (either Police or Parks & Rec) has funded similar programs. If they don’t provide helmets, are they disregarding their own advice?

    Oh, the complexity of such a simple idea!

  5. Anyone who has been in a bike accident knows how important a helmet is. Maybe those people you see riding around without helmets think the concrete will affect their head in a positive way. Or maybe they’re just advocating foam rubber roads.

  6. My parents wouldn’t get me a helmet as a kid, because they were too expensive. They found out that a CAT scan cost a lot more than a helmet. I think I missed about a month of school, too, IIRC.

    Anyhow, I think that the city’s program is not related to the need for helmets. People can bring their own helmets. When biking at night, you’re legally required to have a headlight and a blinky red light on your butt. The city shouldn’t have to provide those, either. I’m hoping that if we all think non-litigous thoughts, this may just go well. :)

    Believe me, if the McIntire Skate Park can run OK, I think we’re OK with the bicycles.

  7. no kidding, this guy or (girl) should not shoot off his mouth, just be thankful that the DMB is kind enough to assist in such a good program…the people riding these bikes should know that when you ride a bike you might fall off, and it is your own damn fault if you do…if anyone decides to sue DMB or the city for it, then they have a real problem

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