Weather Alert Radios Work

You know those weather alert things that you can buy for $50 and hang on your wall to let you know when a disaster is going to happen? They work here now, which is exciting the local press and government to no end. WVIR, the Progress and WINA are all reporting this one. The real news, though, is that a Florida-based company, Dyn-o-mat, has created a powder that, when dumped on storm clouds, turns it into a gel that drops harmessly to the ground. So we may not need those radios after all.

2 thoughts on “Weather Alert Radios Work”

  1. I’m amazed that WVIR is reporting on this! Why, if everyone had these Weather Alert Radios, it might seriously jeopardize the ratings of WVIR’s hard-hitting news program, having made a good half of the broadcast pointless.

    Well, at least we can still tune in for their charming banter.


  2. Finally! The problem is it only works in town. Most places where you would need such a thing are hidden from almost all radio, even FM and AM radio stations. A satellite solution would be great, but hauling all the gear to pick up satellite weather fax isn’t really possible right now :)

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