Sex and Drugs at UVa Psych. Ward

UVa Police are investigating allegations of yet more misconduct at the psychiatric ward of the UVa Medical Center. Police say that on July 21st, a visitor provided heroin to a male and a female patient, who shot up in a bathroom and then had sex in a laundry room. The timing couldn’t be worse for the psych. ward, given the problems [1, 2] that they’ve had there in previous months.

6 thoughts on “Sex and Drugs at UVa Psych. Ward”

  1. I can certainly envision scenarios under which this may not be as damning as one might think at first-blush. Based on WVIR’s report (the first coverage that I’m aware of), it’s impossible to determine the status of these patients (Were they live-in? What were they in for? Were they considered a risk? Did they have a mental disorder that should have led UVa to believe that they may attempt to acquire heroin?) and therefore the severity of this. Hopefully, WINA or The Progress will have more information tomorrow.

  2. Shoot, who would have thought that a couple could have such a good time at the hospital? I usually like to bring my dates to dinner and a movie, but I’m certainly going to take this into consideration from now on.

  3. How did they find out? Did someone watch the whole thing then run off to call a reporter?

    The funny part is that since UVA has fired their employees with a criminal record, now the patients are the only ones who can get away with anything.

  4. One would think that they were not dangerous to themselves or others, as they were expelled from the unit. This leads me to wonder what they were doing there in the first place.

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