Kroger Guard Shoots Employee

43-year-old Kroger security guard Phyllis Lamb accidentally shot an employee last night. Lamb, who works at the Barracks Road Kroger, approached three employees and offered to show them a .45 round. After removing a bullet from the chamber, she attempted to put the safety on, but accidentally fired the gun. 34-year-old employee Robert Miller was shot in the hand, and was treated at the UVa hospital for severe damage to his pinky and his right thumb. WINA has the story.

2 thoughts on “Kroger Guard Shoots Employee”

  1. I work in Security and this is just plain ignorance on Mrs. Lambs part.

    Any well trained Security Officer knows your firearm is not a toy and you don’t pull it out and play with it period and especially not in a public place which you are being paid to protect. Security Officers are hired by private properties to keep people and property safe aswell as to enforce the Law on that property not to break it. She just delt a striking blow to the whole security industry and just to let the public know if she is convicted of a felony she will nolonger be legally able to own a gun or work in Contract Security. Her license will be terminated. Thank God!!!

  2. Its hard to tell what happened, but the fact that there was a bullet chambered and she had to turn the safety on (meaning it started out off) is a BAD THING. Its dangerous enough to carry a gun with a round in the chamber, even if the safty is on.

    Aside from the relative safty of the state of the gun, its illegal to brandish a weapon. Period… let alone shoot someone in the hand with it.

    So, everybody go out and buy a bulletproof vest before you go shopping!

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