Honor Committee Finds Cheater Guilty

The UVa Honor Committee has found the first of the 122 accused cheaters guilty. The students were charged with cheating after Professor Louis Bloomfield analyzed their term papers and discovered that many of them had been copied from others. 30 investigations have been completed, with 20 cases dropped and 9 destined for trial. The rest of the cases will be investigated over the summer. The Cavalier Daily has the full story.

3 thoughts on “Honor Committee Finds Cheater Guilty”

  1. It will be interesting to see the eventual percentage of students that are found guilty. I’m betting that less than 10% will be found guilty. At the current rate, about 33% will be found guilty. I think what bugs me is that, rather than feeling like “hey, they were wrongly charged and got let off,” I feel like “hey, that damned honor council’s letting people off again.” There goes innocent until proven guilty, eh?

  2. Even if every one of the 122 papers was almost identical, someone had the original and probably didnt realize anyone was cheating with it. I wonder how many innocent people will be found guilty.

    The sad part, is that the class they were in was a FUN CLASS. Something people want to take, not a cheesy english 101 requirement. They should have enjoyed writing those papers. Thats probably why the professor didnt check for this before.

    It would be even more interesting to compare this with papers written at different schools. What is an acceptable number of duplicates of what number of words in a row? I mean if you’re looking at 3 words

    in a row, you’ll probably find the same words in a cheap romance novel as you would in a term paper.

  3. Ahh, the algorithms for finding cheaters are interesting indeed. At my alma mater the T.A.s had to feed our C code into a program that checked for statistically interesting syntatical similarities. And it caught a few people, too…

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