Give Away That Rebate

Former Tandem headmaster John Howard is attempting to convince folks to give their impending tax rebate to charity. Millions of Americans will be receiving checks for $300 – $600 over the coming weeks, and Howard thinks that the unexpected money would be best spent on local charities. He plans on giving his rebate to Legal Aid (which is where my check is going, if I get one.) Howard is working on a site,, which he hopes to have fully functional in the next couple of weeks. Bob Gibson had the story in last week’s Daily Progress.

2 thoughts on “Give Away That Rebate”

  1. I think this is a great idea. The money gets to go straight to the charities rather than trickling down through various government bureaucracies.

    I’m amused by this quote from Howard’s site:

    “Nearly 38 billion dollars will be sent to individuals and families before fall, but millions of Americans will not receive rebates because they did not earn enough to file a tax return.”

    Of course, they didn’t earn enough to pay any income taxes either, but I guess we have to find some way to feel guilty about it. :)

  2. Nope, not giving that rebate money away, it went straight to pay down my VISA balance. Now only if I could get a rebate check every week, I would have my credit cards paid off in as little as a couple years!

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