Van Yahres Supports Hemp

Delegate Mitch van Yahres is on a mission to keep hemp legal in Virginia. The DEA intends to ban products made from industrial hemp, which is found in t-shirts, lip balms, and even in a line of handbags sold by Dave Matthews and company. The DEA wants to ban hemp because of its similarity to marijuana, although it does not contain THC. Van Yahres advocates hemp as a crop that could replace tobacco in Virginia’s economy. The story was on WVIR this evening.

2 thoughts on “Van Yahres Supports Hemp”

  1. Weird…does that mean that the U.S. Constitution could never cross the state line, since it’s purportedly written on Hemp paper?

    I’m against the legalization of marijuana as a narcotic, but I fully support its use for all the things listed above. I think the thing that scares legislators into trying to make it illegal is all these damn hippies with their hemp clothing. I mean, you know that if hippies like it, it must be dangerous and should therefore be banned. They should ban Jesus sandles(tm) too.

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