Kluge Donates Land to UVa

Local uber-rich guy John Kluge is donating over 8,000 acres to UVa. University President John Casteen would like to use the land to create an arts center akin to Boston University’s Tanglewood. Though the dollar value of the donation hasn’t been officially determined, the Progress reports it to be $125 million.

2 thoughts on “Kluge Donates Land to UVa”

  1. Well, that’s nice, but I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near those 8,000 acres! (I’m assuming it’s Morven we’re talking about here. I don’t think Mr. Kluge owns land in Free Union…)

    Imagine a Tanglewood-sized audience unleashed on Rte. 20 at the end of a concert!

    Janis Jaquith


  2. Today’s Daily Progress quoted Prez John Casteen as saying that he’d never want to make something as big as Tanglewood.

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