Bumpass Burglar Pleads Guilty

The Progress reports that Raymond Winkler of Bumpass has plead guilty to 15 counts of breaking and entering. He’s accused of 50 burglaries in Fluvanna, Louisa, Orange, and other less-relevant counties. I don’t actually care about this story — I just wanted a chance to have the name “Bumpass” in a headline. Isn’t it hysterical that we’ve got a town named “Bumpass?” Bumpass, Bumpass, Bumpass. OK, I’ll never do this again, I promise.

5 thoughts on “Bumpass Burglar Pleads Guilty”

  1. It’s not so funny the next morning, but I bet it will be funny in a couple of hours. What I think is funny is that they pronounce it bump-iss. C’mon! It’s plainly bump-ass! I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. I’d love to find out the history of that town’s name.


  2. Oh brother, indeed,

    You called my county less-relevant… Now we must arm rassel.


  3. I live in Bumpass. The town’s history? I don’t know… Sir Bumpass maybe? Though our area’s name is pronounced Bump-iss I usually tell people I live in Bump-ass… its worth a laugh or two. But maybe I should stop telling people I live in Bump-ass. it doesn’t sound so good when i think it over. hmmm… well, nice to see Bumpass in the news anyway.

    -Jacob Wolf

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