Poor Treatment of Old Glory

jack writes: Have you ever noticed the American flag waving over Lee Danielson’s Downtown Ice Park? Have you ever noticed the fact that it never comes in at night? I have and I’m a little pissed off.

If you’re going to put up an American flag over your business, then go to it and enjoy. But at least have the decency to bring it down at sunset and take it in from the rain. The Ice Park’s flag stays up all night long and flaps coldly through every rainstorm.

Let it be clear that if a flagburning amendment were ever to be passed, I would be the first in line to burn Old Glory on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in protest. But nevertheless, I despise an act of plastic (or half-hearted) patriotism. Maybe there’s a local troop of Cub Scouts that could give the Ice Park a lesson in the proper use of the American colors.

I see this a lot around town. Local government agencies seem to be pretty good about how they treat the flag, though.

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