Tornado Preparedness Day

We dropped the ball and missed Tornado Preparedness Day. Possibly because this site didn’t exist on March 27th, but that’s beside the point. We’ve got a civic duty to fulfill here, don’t we? Also, I really wanted to use that little weather icon. Governor Gilmore declared March 27th to be Tornado Preparedness Day, and the Virginia Department of Emergency Services has even put up a website all about tornado preparedness. We average, as a state, about seven tornadoes per year, and our records of them go back to 1776. The coolest one, of course, being May 13th, 2000‘s, that whipped through town from Farmington to Albemarle High School and down to Route 29. Channel 29 news didn’t even mention it on the news, and later denied that it was a tornado. Something about microbursts. Anyhow, go get prepared or something.

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