Police Investigate Rougemont Shooting

A city-wide manhunt is under way after a shooting on Saturday that injured two people. As many as three suspects may be on the loose after the attack, which also damanged cars and homes along Rougemont Avenue. 22-year-old victim Gaynelle Rose, the most seriously injured of the victims, remains at the UVa hospital in fair condition. WINA has the story.

4 Responses to “Police Investigate Rougemont Shooting”

  • I’ve heard there is a fair amount of shooting in the Belmont area. Random shots in the air etc. Is this true? I don’t live over there.

  • I’ve lived there for a year but have never noticed any shots. But that might just be me.

  • I lived in the downtown area, and often heard shots from the south. People who live nearby told me people like to shoot guns in the air, which is a lot better than shooting at people I suppose, but still dangerous.

    This incident is very strange for charlottesville. We get our fair share of accidental gunfights, and stupid people making mistakes. But this sounds like it was a planned out attack, a conspiracy of sorts.

  • I’ve lived on Blenheim for 6 months and haven’t heard a thing. This feels like the most quiet and safe place that I have lived since I moved out of my chilhood suburban nest….

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