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Halfaday Indicted by a Grand Jury

One-time Democratic City Council Candidate James Halfaday has been indicted for election fraud, the Daily Progress reports. In his candidacy filing he claimed to live in the city when, in fact, he lived in the county. He also claimed to be the co-owner of a local gym, but had nothing to do with it. Halfaday claims to be a 32-year-old, openly gay American Indian from Dumferline, Illinois, but at this point, it’s possible that none of that is true. It’s expected that he’ll plead guilty at his court date in a couple of weeks. Assuming that it’s ยง 24.2-1016 he’s been charged under, then he’s facing a year in prison or a fine of $2,500.

James Halfaday Arrested

Erstwhile City Council candidate James Halfaday has been jailed on four counts of election fraud, according to a press release from the Commonwealth Attorney’s office:

The charges allege Mr. Halfaday used a false address when he certified his candidacy for City Council with the General Registrar for the City of Charlottesville.

While the investigation has revealed that Mr. Halfaday is not now nor was he ever an owner of Snap Fitness, Mr. Halfaday has not been charged with an offense related to this false statement at this time. The form filed by Mr. Halfaday did not contain certain language required by the Code of Virginia. As a result, election fraud charges concerning Mr. Halfaday’s statement of economic interest are unlikely.

It’s such an irony that Halfaday apparently so bungled his statement of economic interest that he may have accidentally prevented himself from being charged for lying within it. According to the Progress, the economic interest form failed to have the legally required warning that candidates aren’t allowed to lie.

None of this news is any surprise, of course: questions have been raised about Halfaday’s candidacy since shortly after he came in last place in the race for the Democratic nomination for City Council in August.

5:45pm Update: Lisa Provence has detailed coverage in The Hook. Halfaday was released from jail this afternoon, and is due in court tomorrow.