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Rooker Won’t Run for Reelection to BOS

Dennis Rooker will not run for reelection to the Board of Supervisors in the November election, Sean Tubbs reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. He’s represented the Jack Jouett district for three consecutive terms. He simultaneously announced and endorsed the candidacy of school board member Diantha McKeel, a political independent who represents the same district. (Her disclosed state political contributions have all been to Democrats.) McKeel, who works for the UVA Medical Center, made her own announcement, in which she said that she would serve in the fashion that Rooker has.

County Police Can’t Pay Enough to Attract Employees

It turns out that the combination of low pay and high standards doesn’t make the Albemarle County Police Department an attractive employer, Megan Davis writes in the Daily Progress. They’ve had a hiring freeze in place for a few years, their starting pay is 13% considerably below market, and they recently increased their hiring standards, which probably explains why they’ve got less than 120 officers, when they need 150 to meet the county standard of 1.5 officers per 1,000 residents. The county has increased the starting salary by 7%—about half of what’s necessary to meet the market rate—but the Board of Supervisors doesn’t want to lower hiring standards, and it’s fairly unlikely that they’ll provide the funding to improve pay for both new and existing officers.

County’s Contract with RedFlex

This is Albemarle’s contract with red light camera vendor Redflex. See anything interesting in here?  #

County Has $1M Less Income than Expected

The county is facing a million-dollar shortfall at the end of the fiscal year, Samantha Koon writes for the Daily Progress. The $1.07M shortfall results from less income from real estate taxes than expected. Relative to Albemarle’s $304M budget, it’s not an enormous amount of money, but it’s still got to come out of somewhere. They’ve has faced larger shortfalls in recent years, especially back in 2008, as the economy was collapsing. The Board of Supervisors will figure out how to deal with the problem in work sessions next month.