A Charge in the Hannah Graham Case

Charlottesville police have issued an arrest warrant for Jesse Leroy “LJ” Matthew Jr., charging him with abduction with intent to defile, a felony.

Hannah Graham was last heard from early Saturday morning, Sept. 13, shortly after 1:00 AM. Eyewitness testimony and video evidence indicate that Matthew spoke to her, put her arms around her, and may have bought her a drink right around that time.

Early on in the investigation, police announced that a man fitting Matthew’s description was a “person of interest”. After police executed a search warrant at his Hessian Hills apartment and impounded his car to the state police forensics lab, Matthews himself came to the Charlottesville police station on Saturday with family members to declare that he wanted a lawyer. Matthews then reportedly took off at “a high rate of speed” and has eluded police capture since.

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The CVille Weekly has published a thorough timeline of all the known events and news surrounding Hannah Graham’s disappearance and the investigation, and The Washington Post has aggregated all of their related stories.

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