27 thoughts on “Get it? CUPS? Hahahahaha…ha…kill me.”

  1. “Cups frozen yogurt. That’s hot.” Here’s what I want everybody to do: Go in there. Tell them you want a hot chocolate frozen yogurt. When they tell you that they don’t have it, ask them why their sign says they have “hot yogurt”. Make them explain exactly what about their yogurt is “hot”. Then leave without buying anything. This scene needs to play itself out, over and over and over…

  2. Its all fun and cute words until you see some guy checking out your daughter. Then is is not so cute.

  3. God, the co-founder sounds like a complete ass. The uninterrupted stream of marketese bullshitspeak. “We sell the experience”…”cast members with infectiously fun personalities”…I hope it fails just as a punishment for that kind of soulless bullshit. Let alone the whole “boobies, boobies!” angle. Christ Almighty.

  4. I’m surprised that the owners of Barracks Road Shopping Center (Federal Realty Investment Trust) would go for this. I don’t know what sort of discretion that they can have, legally, in selecting who can rent space from them, but it sure cheapens the place. They’ve been going for that whole “upscale” (gag) thing, and this is basically the opposite of that.

  5. It does seem that there was a miscalculation here: yes, there are a lot of college students nearby, but I know those college students pretty well, and I don’t picture TOO many of them spending lots of time and money at Cup-Hooters. There’s already frozen yogurt on the Corner, and there are boobies at all their parties anyway. So that leaves who…the men who headed down to Barracks and while the Mrs. and kids are hitting Michael’s and B&N, he goes for some Cups? Or are they thinking that the kind of single men who enjoy openly ogling server-boobies like hanging out at Barracks? To me, Barracks is the epitome of upper-middle class high-end shoppy-shoppers. Not a boob-ogling crowd, IMO.

  6. Federated wants the money and nothing else matters to them. That is at their discretion and they pay whatever price that incurs. It is why they have run off the small handfull of locally owend biz to ensure a steady check from a corp office… see the pizza place and the bakery and the bookshop etc etc….

  7. “Federated wants the money and nothing else matters to them.”

    No disagree there by me.

    In fact, I think it was also more of a play to the Hugley demographic. Yeah – get the lacrosse, soccer and other assorid-ed UVa jocks spending any leftover extra book-highlighter-ramen money the parents might send ’em.

  8. Waldo:

    Yes, it’s gross… but there is precedent. Wasn’t there a titty bar (excuse the expression) in Barracks Road in the 1970s? Where Five Guys is now?

  9. Wasn’t there a titty bar (excuse the expression) in Barracks Road in the 1970s? Where Five Guys is now?

    I was born in 1978—my interest in breasts was for rather more traditional reasons in the 1970s.

  10. @danpri and @FranklyPseudo

    I hear you, but I disagree with you on Federated. Yes, they want money and are driven entirely by it. But this is not a store that fits within the Barracks Road model. Every person I’ve talked to about this co. has responded with, “This is the worst business plan in the world.” Whether you are disgusted by the objectification of women, or simply revolted by the idea of having head banging music blaring in your ears and the ears of your small kids, this is a plan that has no value. Men, even Hooter fan types, don’t meet their friends for Fro-Yo. Mom’s aren’t going to take their kids for a visit to the newest Milk-Bar. Who exactly does the franchise owner think is going to go to this place? And why on earth would they go back?
    And for Federated to allow it into their newest “wing” along side businesses that want and need similar buyer profile traffic is absurd. None of the other businesses around it are going to want the noise and the lack of qualified traffic Cup-o-Boobs will bring.
    Someone didn’t do their homework.

  11. Here is the homework Federated did:
    1. Open space
    2. Someone had a deposit and signed a 5 year contract
    3. Sold
    4. If the biz plan does not work out, the lawyers will go after the balance of the contract

    Barracks Road Biz model is getting rent money. What do you think it is?

  12. @danpri

    Getting rent money and continuing to be an attractive place from which to rent the site for a business. It’s the second part about which they seem to be confused in this case.

  13. Right, and as soon as that shows up on the bottom line they will pull the lease, but until then the checks will keep coming from the corp office. We all do remember how awful Barracks was for so long before they took it over and created the packed parking nightmare it is now. And the second that crappy restaurant by the glasses place closes, they would pop a Hooters in the space if Hooters showed first and fast.

  14. Waldo, /headlines/ is broken.

    While you guys were arguing about microeconomics, Stonefield up and walked away with a good portion of Barracks Roads’s tenants. Wonder how low Stonefield is going with the rents. (Danpri, do you really think Federated has all the corporate culture of a cash register? I imagine they have some standard for the long-term value of the place.) Anyway, Stonefield is doing something to piss off local developers too, besides shedding storm water. Remember that vituperation from the old county Supe last year? My guess is it’s killing value further north on 29N. Barracks has got to be more attractive to customers, and I have seen some crazed writing in the Rural Virginian about the traffic patterns at Stonefield, but more than one person has mentioned to me an odd appeal to walking around there. Admittedly these were people that somehow overcame their 20th century parking angst by living somewhere with parking meters after college.

  15. Morally repugnant – definitely. And stupid? There is already one froyo joint in BR (SweetFROG, on the other end of the moral spectrum, I guess) and Ben & Jerry’s, and Arch’s just up Emmet just closed up. So Cups’ business model must be solely based on ogling.

  16. Waldo, /headlines/ is broken.

    Thank you! I moved the site to a new server (an EC2 instance) earlier this week, since the old host (MediaTemple) had gotten so terribly slow, and things are a bit screwy.

  17. They want the girls to be starred at for what they
    Pay $7.25 to 8.00 hr. And they are not straight
    Up with the girls when they hire them. For this
    Area that pay is BS! The uniform is Sexiest!
    While your wife is at Ulta or Michaels, he can
    Go see titties and drool over other peoples
    Daughters! What kind of owner is this person,
    Is he a Perv?

  18. Simple solution Leigh…. dont make your husband suffer at a shopping center. Leave him home with a remote.

  19. Leigh, it’s a minor point, but in the writing
    Format you’ve selected it is expected
    That “want” is spelled “wan’t.” Your Welcome!

    I agree BTW that the uniform’s are the sexiest. No
    More arch’s for me.

  20. So the Tilted Kilt just pushed into Hburg, I am guessing we will not have a cvillenews reunion party when they come to Cville? The claim to fame for this paragon of food? The waitresses, hired not for brain but the bootylicious scale, bring your cocktail to the table in a sealed mason jar then hold the jar while they jump and jiggle to mix the drink.

    They have faced a couple of lawsuits, most notably one from a chick who could not fit into their largest uniform.

  21. Last week, I made an investigative field trip with a friend. As despicable as the enterprise sounds, the actual experience is quite different. It’s a rather tiny store without, at the time I visited, either loud or obnoxious music. The single employee, a female, yes, both young and attractive, wasn’t wearing anything provocative — just a young woman at work. I sampled a few flavors which were quiet tasty. In short, it was the complete opposite of what I expected. I would have zero problem bringing my two boys to this shop. That doesn’t mean I endorse the business model, just that it wasn’t all that evident to me.

  22. James, your fact-based comment is really not appreciated. People come here to feel superior to those that would own or patronize a business as described above, not feel ambivalent about just another frozen yogurt shop as described by you and informed by your first-hand experience! SHAME ON YOU AND GO BACK TO FAIRFAX!!!

  23. “People come here to feel superior to those that would own or patronize a business as described above,……”

    Oh ho-ho ha-ha, you done gone had to spoil it there, huh Just saying? I’m still roiling over that sexist-sexiest broil. Mustn’t forget the lording over on grammar usage here any given moment either, can’t say enough.

  24. Posting comments before taking your meds doesn’t appear to agree with you, Frank.

  25. “roiling over the broil”

    I’m stealin’ that sh8t


    i ment

    “imma steel that sh8t”

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