4 thoughts on “Baldi Sentenced”

  1. So with one year pretty much already served, and time off for good behavior plus his work in a specialized program figure he is out this time next year?

  2. I’m kind of torn. On the one hand, that seems like an awfully brief time to spend in prison for both the crime in question and for fleeing. On the other hand, there are two companies out a great deal of money because of him, and the sooner that he gets out of prison, the sooner he gets to work and starts to repay them.

  3. Trouble being… getting work that allows enough income to actually pay that kind of jack. Working tables will not do it. Accounting seems unlikely. He has a PhD but is so far away from the subject matter that any sort of track seems doubtful. The guy is going to be paycheck to paycheck for a long time.

    Chances he repays in full…?

  4. I read somewhere (maybe the c-ville?) that instead of paying back victims, Baldi/Dario had paid $40k for a years rent in advance? If thats true I hope some creditor sends lawyers after it. Of course Throckmorton will have to find another place to live but thats what you get when you (presumably)co-mingle your funds with those of a known fugitive from justice. Any lease entered into by these two through their fictional alter aliases should be void or voidable.

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