3 thoughts on ““The Rant” is Getting the Axe”

  1. Oh rapture! Besides, who needs the “Rant” when Waldo’s page is accessible. Best part, no answering machine that’s filled up with [inaudible] before anyone even phones in.

  2. “We are the liberal paper in Charlottesville,” Morris said.
    (always good to know)

    Morris is still frustrated that so much reaction arose from a print piece that few people saw in context. “It’s not hate speech,” he said. “It’s a shitty thing to put in a newspaper.”
    (saw in context? exactly what would that have been?)

    “What we’re just interested in saying is here’s a local issue,” he said. “It’s complicated.” (as the most liberal paper we can’t just say that a mistake was made and we are killing the rant on the altar of public opinion as a mea culpa- and The Rant sucked”

  3. The Rant was a horrible venue for the lowest common denominator of human expression to be given a spotlight. That should have been the reasons for killing it.

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