Council Plans City Manager Performance Bonus

City Council has OKed offering a performance bonus to City Manager Maurice Jones, NBC-29 reports, contingent on him fixing the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Council has accepted that as a “stretch goal” for Jones, a result of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s strong criticisms of the authority last year. If Jones takes care of those problems, he’ll get a bonus of $17k, on top of his $173k salary. Jones will present a plan to Council next month.

3 thoughts on “Council Plans City Manager Performance Bonus”

  1. This idea is troubling and cynical.
    1. He’s the highest paid employee in the city, shouldn’t he have already addressed this under his normal work load at some point in the past?
    2.This is a pre election carrot to make people think that council has addressed the problem when in reality they have done nothing more than put a bounty price on a problem no one thinks can be easily solved.
    3. FTA “Jones will present council with a report of the state of the housing authority in October, along with his detailed plan to solve the problems” right before the November election- how fortuitous that such a solution should appear so close to an election. They have already been presented with a status of the housing by the federal government- which is why this mess began. But I’m sure another study by City Manger with no experience in managing such a vexing problem will put it right straight away.
    4. It is little more than false hope and doing that knowingly is cruel on it’s face.

  2. It’s important (and difficult) to fix that agency, so I’m not too worried about nickle-and-diming Jones. Yet.

    Let me change topics. If you read about the Trumpery going on in the county, be sure to read all the way through to the end of the article,

    Key points:

    1. Trump’s lawyers asked the county to re-order the approval process, a classic NY-style maneuver. You get an approval pending some other entity’s approval, and then tell the second entity it’s already approved. Kudos to the county for standing up to this.

    2. Trump’s required to hold a community meeting. Here’s where the process needs strengthening. Apparently the county does not need to be notified and send a rep? That’s how I read it. Trump invited his neighbors to a wine and cheese event celebrating something Trumpish. In tiny little letters he also mentioned discussing future plans for the property. Trump reports all attendees were thrilled with his ideas. The process here seems weak.

    What’s at stake is the integrity of conservation easements. Trump wants a commercial golf course allowed.

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