Farmer’s Market Study Yields Recommendations

The never-ending discussion about where to house the farmer’s market has started up again, Claudia Elzey reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow, in response to a study about creating a “market district” to house the weekly event. The company that conducted the study concluded that C’ville is too small to support a newly created area centered on a farmer’s market, and that it’s only realistic to create a simple, permanent location. That might be in the Water Street parking lot where it is now, or that might be in the gravel parking lot between South Street and Garrett Street (there are arguments for both), but the important bits are to establish both shade and permanent sheds for vendors to set up under. Right now, when it’s either hot and or raining, the setup can be inhospitable, and requires that vendors set up their own tents. Council is going to discuss the findings in April. If the past 40 years are any indicator, nothing beyond talk is liable to result.

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