6 thoughts on “Snow to Run for Reelection to BOS”

  1. Who would be the best candidate to run against Snow in order to take the seat away from Snow?

  2. D’oh—I just realized I forgot to post my normal note of clarification after I make a correction. I erroneously wrote “BOV” instead of “BOS” in the headline when I posted this. The following day (if I recall correctly), a reader contacted me to point out my foolish mistake. I fixed it immediately, but completely neglected to point here that I had made a mistake and changed it. (Hence Matt Frost’s comment, wholly sensible given how the blog entry read at the time.) My apologies for both the mistake and for forgetting to call it up!

  3. The first sentence still says “Board of Visitors” :)
    perlogik, I like the “ideal candidate to run against” idea- Snow could rent him a room so he can live in the proper district. No bringing dates home, though, Chris.

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