Ken Boyd Redistricted

There’s a couple of local angles on Senate Republicans’ surprise redistricting of Virginia on Monday. The first is that they’ve managed to redraw the lines such that the Charlottesville area is split between two far-right districts, to make it impossible for the area to elect a Democrat, effectively neutering Charlottesville’s political power in the state senate. The second is that, amidst all of the Senate redistricting, there’s a curious addition:

In Albemarle County, blocks 510030105001015, 510030105001016, 510030105001017, 510030105001021, 510030105001022, 510030105001023, 510030105001024, 510030105001031, and 510030105002007 are reassigned from District 57 to District 58.

What are these census blocks? Why, they’re the Key West neighborhood, on 20 North, the very neighborhood where Albemarle Supervisor and erstwhile congressional candidate Ken Boyd lives. This redistricting bill moves Boyd out of Delegate David Toscano’s very liberal district and into Delegate Rob Bell’s very conservative district. (Bell is currently a candidate for attorney general.)

The redistricting bill still has to pass the House of Delegates and be signed into law by Governor Bob McDonnell, but there’s little cause to expect that both of those things will not happen.

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