Dragas Survives Senate Vote

The Senate of Virginia’s Privileges & Elections Committee held a vote today on whether to remove UVA Board of Visitors Rector Helen Dragas from the block of nominees to be confirmed, and the motion failed, on a 12–3 vote. That means that her confirmation will be bound up in the confirmations of lots of other nominees, which is to say that it’ll quite certainly pass the Senate. Although Sen. Creigh Deeds voted against Dragas and pleaded with other senators to do likewise, Albemarle’s other senator, Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania), voted in support of Dragas. This same process still has to repeat itself before the House Privileges and Elections Committee. The only local legislator on House P&E is Del. Steve Landes (R-Weyers Cave), who opposes Dragas’ reappointment.,

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  1. The only qualification I would offer to BYo’s post above is that it’s important to distinguish between UVa-the-faculty and UVa-the-board-and-powerful-alumni. The “big club” thing doesn’t really apply to the former, not anymore.

  2. “The “big club” thing doesn’t really apply to the former, not anymore.”?


    Tell that to someone who works for facilities.

  3. Dear Waldo,

    I was very distressed to read press reports that Senator Mark Warner exerted his considerable influence behind the scenes to keep Ms. Dragas on the Board.

    I sent a comment to him yesterday expressing my dismay. I hope others will write to him.

    Although I’ve strongly supported Senator Warner throughout his entire political career, I am disgusted that his alleged personal connections to Ms. Dragas apparently trump his responsiveness to a large number of his most loyal constituents.

    I am virtually certain that the overwhelming majority of us attending the protests on the Lawn last summer cast our votes for Senator Warner.

    His private advocacy makes me feel powerless.

    I apologize to Senator Warner if the press reports I’ve based this comment on are inaccurate.

    Best wishes,

    Alex Leidholdt

  4. I may note vote for his opponent, but I’ll never cast another vote for Warner. I’m really disgusted by his involvement in the Dragas affair.

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