Investigation: TJPDC Mishandled $1M Federal Grant

Months after abruptly terminating temporary employees, an investigation into the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission has found that a lack of leadership and management led to the $500,000 error, Brian Wheeler reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. The TJPDC appointed a commission (consisting of Keith Smith, Willie Gentry, Ann Mallek, and Kathy Galvin) to determine what led to the math error that overstated the amount of money available for staff salaries by a half-million dollars, from a federal grant of just $1,000,000. Meeting seven times over the past two months, the commission released a report containing seven findings, although the public version of the report contains redactions that limit public understanding of those findings. Problems include the budgeting process, the reporting and communications process, the quality of work, relationships with partner jurisdictions, and the organizational climate. (Although the titles of two more findings have been redacted in the table of contents, they have been left in the body of the document: “subordinate personnel” and “upper level management.”) The commission made a series of recommendations for organizational improvements, though three of their six proposed changes are redacted in their entirety. Notably, the investigation found no malfeasance, only incompetence and disorganization.

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