City School Buses to Get Stop Sign Cameras

Infuriated by people blowing right by stopped school buses, the city school system is mounting video cameras on the buses to videotape traffic while students are loading and unloading at bus stops, CBS-19 reports. It’s a matter of state law that traffic must come to a halt in both directions when a school bus is at a stop, and a big red “STOP” sign flips off the side of the bus, with red lights flashing on it, just to make sure that everybody is clear on that, but some people still ignore that and drive by the bus at full speed. The danger is that many of the kids getting on or off the bus live on the opposite side of the road, and are taught to cross the road in front of the bus immediately, since traffic is stopped for the bus. Drivers are often too busy doing their jobs to take note of offending vehicles’ license plate numbers, so the intention is that the new system will allow the school’s transportation division to review the tape later to report offenders. The system should be in place this fall.

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