6 thoughts on “20 South Getting High-Speed Internet Service”

  1. I have absolutely no proof, but I ‘m guessing the mystery donor to the project has development on their mind.

  2. @blockhead, and of course, this development could be residential, commercial or industrial down the road. Was it reported how much this contribution is?

  3. Fwiw- A handfull of ppl in the secretarys rd/blenhiem area have been lobbying centurylink hard to expand dsl service into their area. They aren’t developers and it isnt a poor neighborhood.

    Wendel Woods property starts just below PVCC across from the Willow Lake Subdivision and the Stone Creek Village apartments, all the way down to the Paraham Construction offices. It is On the opposite side of the road of those. That area already has DSL available through century link. And if Wendel got permission to build out his subdivision Centurylink would have DSL for those that wanted it without any need for financial inducement by a mystery donor.

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