5 thoughts on “Stonefield Developer Eroding Meadow Creek”

  1. But isn’t an eroded stream a small price to pay for all of the cheap, crappy wine Trader Joe’s promises to bring?

  2. The City ought to begin const5ruction work on its portion of Hydraulic Road. The slow down in Stonefield’s construction should probably cost the developer millions. The City should never have accommodated Stonefield’s connection to the sewer works in the city. Maybe a little blockage could send the sewage back onto Stonefield’s property. The funk alone should drive away customers.

  3. Does this really surprise anyone?! They aren’t building what the promised. And where was everyone when the city was paying for the pipe upgrades the development needed to get everything to the RSWA facility at Moore creek. You can start at Holmes Ave and walk the “dig up” all the way to this development. And why has no one complained about the additional traffic lights between greenbriar and hydraulic?! How is that going to help traffic congestion on 29?! They promised an extra lane between somewhere north of greenbriar to hydraulic but what good is that “extra lane” if it is only a series of turn lanes.

    My opinion… There should have been no entrances to this Barracks Road North North from 29. It shouldve been all from hydraulic.

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