5 thoughts on “Billionaire Wants Us to “Aspire to Greatness””

  1. Jefferson is sort of the 18th-century version of Tom Friedman’s taxi drivers: a conveniently unavailable sock-puppet who happens to hold the exact same views as whoever invokes him.

    That is, when he’s not rolling over in his grave about this or that.

  2. Eerily similar propaganda is used against the President of the United States. To wit: Things are going to pot and it’s this person’s fault for taking office a few years ago.

    I like how firing Sullivan is proposed as a solution to the “problem” of UVa’s continuing slide down the US News and World Report’s rankings. As if throwing the campus and community into chaos will somehow result in a higher ranking?

    These people are dolts and they take us for idiots.

  3. Of course, it seems that these bastions of higher education simply are not smart enough to be able to afford to run themselves without infusions of money from outside sources… especially the uber rich. They would most certainly go out of biz if they had to just break even on their own.

    15000 students * 12000 tuition =180 000 000 . Seems like one could educate on that… unless of course you have more admin staff than teachers… etc etc…

  4. Danpri, I agree with you on that. It’s a school. Not a sports franchise training program nor a place for people to show off their money. They should cut admin and focus on teaching students, the rest should come second.

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