Major Donor Responsible for Sullivan’s Dismissal?

Further to the question of the identity of the “two important Virginia alums” who Darden’s Peter Kiernan says he worked with on the “project” of ousting President Teresa Sullivan, The Hook’s Courteney Stuart has done some digging. Her sources and the available evidence point to UVA donors and billionaires Paul and Sonia Jones as the two in question. You’ll know his name for the John Paul Jones Arena, for which he donated $35M. (Remember when UVA really wanted us to call the JPJ “the Jack”? I’m glad that didn’t pan out.) The university recently announced that Jones gave $12M to establish a “contemplative center”—which proposes to solving world problems through yoga, or some such new-age nonsense. With UVA’s capital campaign having fallen $400M of its $3B goal, Jones was seen as a potential $100M donor, money that he may well not have given as long as Sullivan remained at the helm.

There’s neither a confession nor a smoking gun at this point, but Stuart may well have broken through to the cause of Sullivan’s dismissal.

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