Council Passes Pro-Marijuana Resolution

Last night, City Council passed a resolution memorializing the General Assembly to decriminalize marijuana, Lisa Provence writes in The Hook. The resolution was originally also to instruct the Charlottesville Police not to enforce the state law prohibiting possession, but that bit was stricken, leaving it only as a comparatively toothless request to the legislature. It passed on a 3–2 vote, with Mayor Satyendra Huja and Kathy Galvin opposing it.

6 thoughts on “Council Passes Pro-Marijuana Resolution”

  1. For no apparent reason, commenting was disabled on this blog entry when I posted it. I just turned it back on. Weird. Anyhow, for anybody who tried to comment in the intervening eleven hours—sorry!

  2. City Council, please get to the business of running the city and stop wasting time on resolutions like decriminalizing marijuana and opposing the war in Iraq (a few years back). I agree that the war on drugs has been a bust and that you should be allowed to smoke a joint if you want, but is it really in the purview of City Council? How about spending more time on the water plan and the multitude of bypass issues facing our community and the homeless situation on your doorstep.


  3. My favorite line from the linked article was “I’m not surprised they passed it. They’re so liberal.” I wondered about the disabled comments and thought maybe you were afraid of being overrun by liberal potheads. And who knew Pat Robertson was such a hipster?

  4. just a few comments about a ‘pro-marijuana’ resolution.
    nearly 150 regarding where our bread comes from.
    so much for ‘liberal’ C-ville

  5. Pete
    May 12, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    “Just wait until a franchise starts selling dope at the City Market.”
    They will start selling area local beer there first. Palm Beach has a bunch of people getting high in the morning. Totally fitting for the 11. sq. mil. of the City.

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