6 thoughts on “Speeders Challenge Bypass’s Low Speed Limit”

  1. 35mph is actually pretty appropriate, particularly eastbound on that part of the bypass, considering the lack of acceleration lane and poor visibility where Rugby Ave. intersects. Then, you’ve got the Covenant School plus surrounding neighborhood. Not so ridiculous to slow down there.

  2. If they were this proactive prior to getting nailed they might be a tad more credible.

  3. Yeah, I read the sentiment. Hey, how about 15mph? Then, by golly, that’ll be even safer!

    The slow-down from 45mph (which could easily be 50) to 35 mph is a bottle-neck. The lights at McIntire should be replaced with an ingress/egress tunnel (best) or feeder lanes. There’s plenty of space there. But hey, I know, no one wants to pay for it!

    These band-aid solutions invariably end up costing more in the long run. But nevermind that, election year is always right around the corner and it’s never popular to spend money for stuff that’s actually useful. Particularly when budgets are reserved for entitlements like Communications Directors or the 100th version of high-priced consultancies that only further the career of involved city officials.

  4. There are so many….. no, too many (expletive) ways to look at and take this. It is pathetic that for a place that dare bill itself as a “World Class” city… it comes across looking like a simple Mayberry speed trap.

    Christian before made reference around the Communications Director. Honestly, this judge was the same one to turn an investagation of the city’s CD over to the an Orange County commonwealth attorney. Sorry, might’ve been better turned over to a CA from a county outside one beyond next door to Albemarle. Impartial? I have reservations.

    What wouldn’t surprise me would be were it another means to stop the Meadowcreek Parkway. Ah, but 40 years and that’s what the public is cowed to blitheringly endure. The nerve!

    However, there is another Virginia besides this one that IS Charlottesville’s painted lady version. I say this, wondering whether the 250 Bypass is under VDOT’s sole auspices or deemed entirely a street by this city for maintainence. It’s a stretch – but if the city declares it’s their street – they’ll exercise card blanche to set whatever (expletive) speed limit on it they (expletive) well please.

    Before anybody gets a mistaken notion, I’m NOT for unsafe speed limits or the making of 250 bypass into an autobahn it ain’t! Of course in the end (Aug. 3rd, depending how he views the case) Hogshire will be the one with the ultimate last word.

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