Cracker Barrel Not Actually Opening in Town

Charlottesville is too small, too college-y of a market for Cracker Barrel, it turns out.  #

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  • Not actually a loss for the F and B industry of Cville. Waffle house already there.

  • Their track record of racial discrimination is hard to ignore. One might assume they’d want to steer clear of “enlightened” communities with modern viewpoints because they know they’d be under a microscope if they opened a restaurant there.

  • @ Scott Johnson

    You were unintentionally bias in not also adding the GLBT community too. Yes, let’s be as much fully inclusive as possible with this and do such right from the first time and for all time.

    So, did you mean “steer clear of ‘enlightened’ communities” or perhaps “over-enlightened?” Please be thorough, how did you mean communities?” Just Charlottesville or perhaps the University Campus? Maybe you were refering to Albemarle County or only this specific region? Correct us here as to where and with whom exactly.

  • This is usually where I laugh and say, “Shut the Front Door!”

  • Words can hardly express how happy I am they don’t want to come here.

  • Enlightened? Thanks for the chuckle, Scott.

  • Frankly Pseudo: Yes, that was unintentional. I’m not aware of any history of discrimination by Cracker Barrel based on sexual orientation, though it’s not hard to believe at all. There have been three lawsuits against them based on racial discrimination, and those represent the “track record” I referred to.

    “Enlightened communities” referred to Charlottesville and cities like it — places where the word “culture” doesn’t refer to a tractor pulling contest or a monster truck rally.

    TomR: Compared to some areas where Cracker Barrel operates, Charlottesville is positively utopian. In an absolute sense, though, I suppose I see your point.

  • Thin ice Scott!

    “There are also plans to attract more concerts, ice shows, political debates, rodeos, tractor pulls, World Wrestling Entertainment and other family and cultural events.”

    Some in Cville obviously see tractor pulling and WWE is cultural events!

  • *facepalm*

  • I suspect CB expects to get a great deal of its customers from I-64. I am sure a great many people in Greene, Albemarle, Louisa, Fluvanna, Nelson and Buckingham would also patronize the restaurant.

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