County Board Vacancies

Albemarle needs you to volunteer to serve on boards. ACSA, Places 29, Pantops Advisory, Planning, Police Citizens Advisory, Region Ten, and RSWA Citizens Advisory all need members.  #

4 Responses to “County Board Vacancies”

  • Several of these are Scottsville Magisterial District specific, and I am very interested in any residents down here in Southern Albemarle who would be interested in serving – shoot me a personal email if you have any questions!

  • I don’t get it:

    “Application deadline is November 29, 2011.”

    So the deadline has passed?

  • Uh. Yes, that would mean that the county promoted after the deadline the importance of applying for those positions. That’s weird. The reality, I expect, is that they didn’t get any applications for some or even most of those board seats, and the deadline may be irrelevant.

  • The deadline is a little loose … the positions are essentially open until an appointment is made, and they’re sometimes advertised months ahead of when there will be a vacancy. Some of these will be made at the Dec 7th or 14th Board meetings, but many won’t be made until January.

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