2 thoughts on “City Apologizes for Vinegar Hill”

  1. So why didn’t the Daily Progress attribute the source of Ms. Lugo’s quote:

    Mister Cellophane
    Shoulda been my name
    Mister Cellophane
    ‘Cause you can look right through me
    Walk right by me
    And never know I’m there…

    (“Mr. Cellophane” from the stage musical “Chicago”)

  2. Now let’s see some substantive action out of the Dialogue on Race and the City Council to make some changes. Talk is good and helpful as a first step. With our ugly history of race relations in this town, there should be some substantive, budget commitments to fixing and improving the problems. Let’s build some institutions in this town to address racial discrimination! These problems won’t go away if we just all get together and hold hands and sing songs. The churches tend to be the most segregated places. Local groups can’t handle the problem, so hopefully the City will step up and make commitments to dealing with the issues, I mean real budget commitments. Equity is not free, it takes resources to build it. Dialogues are good, more public art related to diversity is good, economic summits are good, Forums on the achievement gap are good. But all of these types of responses are not enough and reflect no permanent, long-term commitment to institutional responses to racism.

    We should have a permanent Commission on race relations. There should be a permanent curriculum in all our schools tackling the history of race relations and what to do, there should be permanent policy calling for annual multicultural training for educators, city employees, and non-profit service providers. There should be jobs training projects, etc. These things won’t be budget neutral.

    It will take grass roots activism and political will by our City Councilors.

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